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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith
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Commercial properties require a greater need for security, and Locksmith Northwood is here to provide them this. We specialise in lock installation, repair, and replacement. We are capable of working on a wide variety of locking systems, allowing you to be confident as you entrust a project to us. As business owners ourselves, we understand your needs, and we operate based on keeping you satisfied. Our state of the art training, quality tools, and leading products will make us your best business partner for your property’s first line of security. 

Your One-Stop Lock Installer and Trouble-shooter

Commercial Locksmith in NorthwoodOur commercial locksmith team does not just respond for repairs. You can consider us your partner in improving the overall security of your business. We recommend the proper locking system for you apart from installing the most durable locking products in the market. We can inform you when lock upgrades or new access control systems are needed. For internal rooms, you can use master key systems. This allows you to use just one key for multiple locks, offering convenience and no time wastage. In case someone gets hold of the master key, we simply rekey locks instead of replacing them so you save on costs. If you need new safes, you may use our services for that too.

Our locksmiths are familiar with a wide assortment of locking devices, so we adeptly fix your locks. Instead of buying new ones, we are here to help you repair your door or file cabinet locks if they are in trouble. We offer burglary or break in repair service as well. This will help you restore your damaged locks in case you were victimized by burglars, and assess how you can improve your property’s security.

We know that time is precious in every business, and you cannot afford to allow a simple damaged lock waste your time and affect your productivity. We carefully assess if your locks need replacement, and are there for you during office lockout. Make sure you have our number ready so you can call us quickly if this should happen. Our lockout services are fast and reliable, because our locksmiths are diligently trained for emergency response. We use technologically advanced tools and equipment in the market so we can offer nothing but the finest services. We understand that time is equivalent to money, which is why we value your time like we value ours.

Please call us if you want to know more about services as we are pleased to serve you.

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