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Different Types of Locksmith Services

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At any given time, you will be losing a key or needing a new lock installation. And in these situations, you are going to ask a reliable locksmith to do the job. But these are not the only services you can expect from a locksmith. There are three main locksmith services, and knowing the types of services available for your locksmith needs and the specialists available to address specific concerns, you can ensure absolute satisfaction with the result. Be it in installing high quality locks to reprogramming transponder keys, you know who to call. You can trust us at “Locksmith Northwood” to provide you with the following services.

What Locksmiths Offer

Lock Mechanism Repair. With years of use, your lock mechanisms can suffer wear and tear. A locksmith can repair your locks that have been damaged from usage or are in need of burglary repairs. If you do not like to replace the lockset, it is possible to rekey the lock instead. This is a type of service wherein the tumblers of a lock cylinder are replaced with different sizes of tumblers. A different key is needed to uDifferent Types of Locksmith Servicesnlock the door instead. This type is typically less expensive as opposed to a new installation of locks. A domestic locksmith can offer you these services. Being the most common type, general services are often included in the list and usually deal with basic locks.

Transponder Key Chip Reprogramming. Most cars, especially the ones manufactured in the recent years use transponders keys for the engine to start. It works by transmitting a code to the transponder in the ignition allowing it to start. If you lost your car keys or it has been stolen, you will need a key replacement and have your transponder key chip reprogrammed. If this is the type of service you require, an auto locksmith is who you need to call. He specialises in car key replacements, auto security and transponder key reprogramming, among others.

Keyless Door Lock Installation. Perhaps you have just transferred to a new apartment and want a keyless entry system. There are a variety of products to choose from, both digital and mechanical, that can suit your budget and preference. A commercial or domestic locksmith can install it for you. This type of job is more complicated than just a simple lock installation and replacement and needs someone who is skilled to work on this type of project. Other locksmith services for commercial establishment include access control systems and master rekeying, among others. Whether you need to restrict access to employees only or reinforce security in your business premises, you need a locksmith who specialises in commercial needs.

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